Study on the prevalence of Q fever in Sheep in the middle region in syria D.V.M. MAHER ALHOURANI

This study was performed to investigate the existence of Q fever in sheep flocks in the middle region of the Syrian Arab Republic, the study concentrated on two regions which are Hamah city and Mysiaf and some places between them, and two villages in western countryside of homs. this study covered (284 ) head of sheep (Females). using ELISA test.We had detected a high standards of antibodies in the blood of some sheep with consideration that the samples were taken randomly. The prevalence rate reached at (53.52% ) of the flocks included in the study, with regards that the low positive rate of antibodies may refers to previous infection with Q fever . While the high rate of antibodies refers clearly to a current infection with Q fever. This results prove and authenticate with evidence the existence of Coxiella burnetii in the sheep flocks in the region of study. This result requires High degrees of caution in order to control this disease.

 MSC.Vet. Med. (D.V.M) in Veterinary Science,Buplic Health and preventive Medicine -Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, AL-Baath University.

الكشف عن حمى كيو عند الأغنام في المنطقة الوسطى في سوريا

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