Detection of Q fever in Human by Polymerase Chain Reaction test (PCR) V.M. MAHER ALHOURANI

Q fever is a bacterial disease caused by Coxiella burnetii bacterium, This study was performed to investigate the existence of Q fever in human in the middle region of the Syrian Arab Republic, the study concentrated on tow regions which are Hamah city and Mysiaf , in addition to some places between them , using PCR test. Coxiella burnetii had been detected as a causative agent of Q fever with consideration that the samples were taken randomly. The prevalence rate reached at (68% ) of the human groups included in the study. This result requires High degrees of caution in order to control this disease
الكشف عن الحمّى المجهولة عند الإنسان باستخدام اختبار اختبار تفاعل سلسلة البوليميراز new

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