Semi-Automatic Methodology for 3D Modeling and Visualization of Utility Networks in the GIS Environment Dr.Eng. Hanan DARWISHE

Three dimensional modeling of utility networks is an important mean
of networks design, implementation, management and maintenance.
During the modeling process, we face a wide range of processes and
procedures to arrive at the correct final model.
This research proposes a semi-automatic methodology for 3D
modeling of infrastructure networks in GIS environment. This
methodology is based on the ModelBuilder in ArcGIS software by
developing two tools to automate the construction processes of 3D
The first presents a tool to create a 3D Manhole layer from points, and
the second is a tool to create a 3D pipe layer. For both tools, a work
algorithm has been built, in addition to designing user interfaces
elements. These tools are stored in a Toolbox called “3D Manhole &
The proposed methodology is an easy and an effective way to build
3D network models, and the developed tools allow the implementation of
a set of necessary processes needed to build 3D networks.
Keywords: GIS, ArcGIS, ModelBuilder, 3D Modeling, 3D Utility Networks.

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