Procedural 3D Modeling of Cities in Geographic Information Systems Environment Using ESRI Cityengine Dr.Eng. Hanan DARWISHE

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) present one of the most
important 3D modeling techniques of cities, which has become a
very important and necessary for representing of contemporary
cities, and doing different analyses, with the aim of finding
solutions to the problems raised through a virtual model of reality.
In addition, 3D GIS play an important role in urban planning.
Despite the presence of a large number of programs capable of
dealing with 3D objects, many of these applications require high
technologies and advanced tools for the representation and analysis
of 3D objects. The objects of 3D models represented in GIS can be
associated with a set of queryable attributes, and this is not available
in other 3D modeling software. This Research aims to highlight the
importance of procedural 3D modeling of cities in GIS environment
using ESRI CityEngine. A set of CGA (computer generated
architecture) rules – programmed by procedural modeling language
in CityEngine- will be presented to generate realistic 3D models
that can represent all elements of cities and its infrastructure. Then,
all the objects will be exported to a Web Scene viewer, which
allows the creation a comprehensive platform to present a system to
support decision-making, and facilitate project management related
to the management of cities. The research methods will be applied
to Tartous governorate through designing and modeling of proposed
residential area. This study will include CGA rules applied to create a 3D model of proposed area, it will show the importance of GIS in
modeling and representation of cities.
Key Words: GIS,3D modeling, Procedural modeling, CityEngine,
CGA, WebScene

Assistant Professor, Department of Topographical Engineering, Faculty of Civil
Engineering, AlBaath University, Homs, Syria.
** Assistant Professor, Department of Topographical Engineering, Faculty of Civil
Engineering, Tishreen University, Lattakia, Syria.

2017 النمذجة الإجرائية ثلاثية الأبعاد للمدن في بيئة أنظمة المعلومات الجغرافية..

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