Developing a New Methodology For Optimal Facility Site Selection Analysis Based On Fuzzy Logic In GIS Environment, Study Area: Tartous-Syria Dr.Eng. Hanan DARWISHE

The overlay functions in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
are considered as one of the basic functions of these systems,
and often, a variety of data stored in layers may be integrated
together to generate new layers that contain useful information for
decision-makers. All geographic objects are stored in layers and
usually rely on crisp set theory, whether, stored in a vector or
raster format. In many cases, boundaries of classes or objects are
not clearly defined, or when we perform classification of features
into classes, the geographic objects located in the boundaries of
classes could be classified into the wrong class. This research
aims to develop overlay functions methodology based on fuzzy
logic, reclassify the objects into fuzzy classes, and study the
usability of this method to integrate data of specific phenomenon
to help make optimal decisions. To implement and examine this
idea, a set of Fuzzy Membership Functions was developed using
the Python programming language embedded within the ArcGIS
environment. Through this Fuzzy Membership Functions, the user
can generate fuzzy sets and combine with each other according
to one of fuzzy operations, and thus the generation of fuzzy sets allows supporting the right and reliable decision. To test the
proposed fuzzy model capabilities, it has been applied in Tartous
governorate to select suitable tourist facility sites in accordance
with groups of factors. In summary, data integration using
proposed fuzzy overlay functions can improve the reliability of
data representation and thus the reliability of make the best
Key words: GIS, Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy overlay, optimal site
selection, Decision Support
* Assistant Professor, Department of Topographical Engineering, Faculty of Civil
Engineering,AlBaath University, Homs, Syria.

2016 تطوير منهجية جديدة في تحليل اختيار الموقع الأمثل لمنشأة ما باستخدام..

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