Using wire and wireless technologies to analyze and evaluate the performance of a control and surveillance network for renewable energy system Dr. Fidel Ibrahim

The integration of renewable energy systems and the electrical power system has a great interest both in academia and industry. In recent years the main goal of all researchers has been to implement a smart grid that allows each house to meet its special needs of energy from renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind. As a result of the evolution of the control and surveillance systems that rely on the collection of data in real time and energy management and control of the renewable energy systems based on the performance of the telecommunication infrastructure, the process of providing energy from renewable energy sources for each home has become possible.
This paper focuses on the analysis and evaluation of performance of a control and surveillance network using both wired and wireless technologies (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, ZigBee) to monitor and control distributed Energy Systems, which include small wind turbines (WTs) photovoltaic systems (PV), through the definition of different types of wiring and instrument to monitor the status of renewable energy systems for homes and smart buildings using OPNET.

Head of Department of Information Engineering
accepted for publication in The Engineering Series of Tartous University Magazine, Volume.2 Issue No.3 2018

Use of smart networks in the management of distributed power systems – Dr. Fidel Ibrahim

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