The treatment of the sexual hormones disorder and the menopause caused by Adriamycin drug in the Syrian hamster females using the honey with royal jelly Dr.Anas Taweelh


Some of the food is a source of energy and at the same time has a variety of satisfactory
medical prosperities, so it became necessary to search for these materials and conduct studies on
them. Perhaps honey and royal jelly are the most important nutrients and medical that have been
used since ancient times. They are considered as a cosmic miracle because they contain the
antioxidants that contribute to the prevention of the mutant effects caused by chemical drugs. So
it is very important to illustrate the ability of honey with royal jelly in mitigating or eliminating
the toxic side effects caused by the Adriamycin. the drug, which is one of the most popular
anticancer drugs. From these side effects are the alteration of the cellular and histological
structure in the ovary, the disturbances of the ovarian sexual hormones and the menstrual
disturbance that lead sometimes too early menopause and weakness in the reproductive capacity.
As a result of this research honey and royal jelly have a clear role in maintaining the vitality of
the ovary cells against the impact of these side effects. hence they contribute in maintaining the
hormonal balance and getting rid of hormonal disorder of the ovary and increasing significantly
the number of ovulation and the fertility rate, in addition to raising the embryonic safety rates and preventing them of death

Researches Journal of Aleppo University, Basic Science Series, No: 30, Vol:93, اسم المجلة 2014 رابط المجلة

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