The Study of Histological & Quantitative Changes on the Ovaries the Albino Mice Resulting From the Adriamycin Drug Dr.Anas Taweelh


Adriamycin is one of the most anti-cancer drugs used in cancerous tumors treatment, and
at the same time, is the least cytotoxic.
However, the identification of toxicological and histological side effects of this drug still
needs much research works to go. Accordingly, this study illustrates the negative impacts
caused by the drug on both histological structures of ovaries and ovarian follicles.
This study has shown affected by cellular and tissue structure on the granulosa cells for
example; the karyorrhexis of nuclei in granulosa cells, and shrinkage cytoplasm structure has
lost its interactions, some alterations in the theca follicle structure, especially the shape of cells
and their nuclei which became fusiform. And from the changes in the features and structure ofthe egg in the level of each follicle. an absence of Oocytes nuclei and regression of the cellular
membrane and finally cytoplasm
Those changes have been accompanied by a gradual regression in both weights and sizes
of ovaries and bodies of all experimented animals directly after the drug has been injected until
the 10th day. But Some ameliorations have been observed in all studied groups after the 10th day of injection

Researches Journal of Aleppo University, Basic Science Series, Vol:69, اسم المجلة 2010 رابط المجلة 0

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