The Role of the Ginseng Roots in the Treatment of the Disturbances of Sexual Hormones and the Infertility Caused by the Adriamycin in the Syrian Hamster (Mesocricetus auratus) Females.Dr.Anas Taweelh


The natural pharmacological products are considered now of the dependable products in
the treatment of many diseases under the name alterable medicine, due to its natural compounds
which are without side effects although of their ability to treat the side effects of the chemical
pharmacological products. One of the most important products is the Extract of the Ginseng
roots plant, which is considered one of the most herbal drugs, spread in the East of Asia, and
considered in 1990 inside the complementary foods, used in the treatment of infertility (atocia)
cases and the hormonal disturbances resulting from the menopause. Hence, the importance of
this study is to illustrate the profitability of this plant in the treatment of the negative side
effects of Adriamycin, which is considered one of the most used anti-cancer drugs, especially
its effect on the mature follicles and the corpus luteum that have the big effect on the activity
and the ovarian physiology, as a result of menstrual disturbances and infertility in women
who received this drug. This study showed the importance of the Ginseng roots in the
maintenance of the normal levels of ovarian hormones, despite the toxicity of this drug,
consequently the increase in number of ovulation stages, and the increase in the fertility level
about 23.5% , and the recompensation of the decrease that results of the toxic effect of ton the follicular cells

Researches Journal of Aleppo University, Basic Science Series, No: 3464, Vol:92, اسم المجلة 2013البحث السابع

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