The importance of honey with royal jelly and ginseng in the prevention of sex hormones disorders, and infertility caused by Adriamycin drug .Dr. annas taweelh


Despite the importance of chemical drugs in the treatment of cancerous tumors, they have
different side effects. Adriamycin drug is considered one of the most commonly used drugs in
the treatment of breast cancer in women. The most important side effects that women face are
the impaired reproductive ability, hormonal and menstrual disorders, and their approach in
some cases to early menopause.
Therefore, it very important to study the possibility of addressing these effects through the
use of natural pharmaceuticals. This study showed that giving preventive doses of Honey with
royal food, mixed with the roots of ginseng, have contributed to maintaining the vitality of the
ovaries of the toxic effects. So this will lead to an increase in the level of ovarian hormones,
preserving the ovarian cycle, and preventing the approach to the stage of ovarian sexual
infertility. Moreover, it has increased the number of ovulation phases, and also the fertility rate.

Arab Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, No:2,Vol:5, Fep  2015 2

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