The Adriamycin effect on the histological structure of the mature follicles in the ovaries of the Syrian hamster Dr.Anas Taweelh


The chemical substances used in cancerous tumors treatments are considered to be one of
the cytotoxic oriented to the rapid division cells. Adriamycin is One of the most anti-cancer
drugs used in cancerous tumors treatment, particularly in breast cancer which spread increasingly
in Aleppo (2010 static). although this drug is the least cytotoxic comparison with other drugs, the
identification of its cytotoxicity and the histological side effects still need much work to do.
Accordingly, this study illustrates the negative impacts caused by the drug on the histological
structure of ovaries and especially the mature ovarian follicles, the most effective of which plays
a principal role in the activity of the ovary and the organization of the sex hormones. This study
has shown the effected of Adriamycin in the cell and histological stricture, and the activity of the
granulosa cells division in the ovary, the karyorrhexis of nuclei in granulosa cells, shrinkage of
cytoplasm and structure, reduction in the activity of its division, loss of its interactions, and some
alteration in the theca structure. These alterations have shown also in the structure of the egg in
the mature follicle, absence of nuclei and regression of both, the cellular membrane and the cytoplasm.

Researches Journal of Aleppo University, Basic Science Series, No: 3152, Vol:91, اسم المجلة 2013

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