Preventing the Side Effects of Adriamycin Drug on Histological Structure of the Ovaries in Syrian Hamster Using Honey and Royal Jelly Mixed with the Roots of the Ginseng Herb Dr.Anas Taweelh

Abstract: Adriamycin drug is used in the treatment of the cancer tumors, especially the
breast cancer, and because of its side effects on the sexual reproductive cells, this study came to
illustrate the possibility of preventing these side effects by the natural pharmacological products
as natural honey and royal jelly mixed with Ginseng roots. This study showed the contribution
of these natural compounds in maintaining the vitality of the ovary, the histological structure of
the mature vesicles (Graafian follicles), the Oocyte, so contributing in maintaining the
production of high-level ovarian hormones, and the ovarian cycle without disturbance, hence,
preventing the early menopause in females (sexual sterility). This study showed also an increase
in the ovulation stage compared to the group injected with the drugs without a protective dose.

On Journal of King Abdul Aziz Bulletin “Science” Vol: 26, No.1 July اسم المجلة 2014 رابط المقالة 69994

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