The study of essential oil’s ingredients of Ocimum Basilicum (Basil) herb leaves and its anti-bacterial effects.Dr.Emmad AL-Hadad

In October 2014, the collected air-green samples of Basil herb were gathered from the region of MashtaAlhulu. Then the volatile oil from fresh samples was extracted with N-Hexane and other samples with steam distilled water, and we have found that the percentage of the volatile oil in the first sample (N-Hexane) is 2,7% , and 2,5% in the second sample (steam distilled water). Suitable conditions were chosen to separate the components of the volatile oil by GC-MS and we noticed: – the first sample (extracted with N-hexane) contains 18 compounds, and they are: Six Terpenes compounds and they form 21.22%, Hydrocarbon compounds form 21.8% from the total weight and they are 7 compounds, and one compound from Ketone class dicycle and its percentage is 2.32%, and two Ester compound and they form 18.96%, One phenolic compound and forms 21.60%, one Ether compound and forms 14.08%. -the volatile oil from the second sample (extracted with steam distilled water) contains 11 compounds, and they are: 6 compounds belong to Hydrocarbon class and they are the main components in the volatile oil with a 91.24% of the oil total weight, One compoundfrom Ether class forms 1.62%, one phenolic compound which forms 3.93%, and three Terpenes compounds and they form 3.17%.

Key words: Ocimum Basilicum, Volatile oil, extraction, extraction by steam distilled water.

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