Study of extraction of active ingredients of Fennel Herb medicineDr.Emmad AL- Hadad

In September, 2014, the collected air-green samples of Fennel herb
were gathered. Then the volatile oil from fresh samples was
extracted with N-hexane and other samples with steam distilled
Suitable conditions were chosen to separate the components of the
volatile oil by GC-MS and we noticed :
(10) compounds were found in the extracted volatile oil of the first
sample ( extraction by N-hexane ).(6) compounds of them are from
MonoTerpin class , and they form 22.5%. (four of them are cycle
Terpin and they form 19.86%) (tow of them are open Terpin and
their form 2.64%) of the volatile oil weight .
Phenol-ethers form 73.36% of the volatile oil weight. Anethol is the
main compound of the oil total weight. and Acetate form 4.55%.
Also volatile oil of the second sample ( extraction by steam
distilled water) contain fourteen compound. Four compounds are
cycle MonoTerpintine and their form 13.99% from the oil total
weight and three compounds from Phenol-ethers and their form
74.4% from the oil total weight (Anethol is the main compound of
the oil total weight and it form 64.06% ).
Also we found on compound from sesqy Terpin it form 1.07% from
the oil total weight.
And we found three esters compounds and their form 6.36% from
the oil total weight and we found diterpen compound ( phytol) it
form 2.13% from the oil total weight.
Also we found one alcohol compound and Linolenic acid.
Key word: Fennel, volatile oil, extraction, extraction by steam distilled water.
دراسة استخلاص المكونات الدوائية الفعالة في عقار الشمرا

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