Pharmacognostic study of Melissa Dr. Emmad Al-Haddad

In October 2014 the collected air-green samples of melissa
officinalis were gathered. Then the volatile oil from fresh samples
was extracted with N-hexane and other samples with steam
Suitable conditions were chosen to separate the components of the
volatile oil by GC-MAS and we noticed :
(25) compounds were found in the extracted volatile oil of the first
sample ( extraction by N-hexane ).
3 compounds of them are alcohol noncyclic MonoTerpine class and
they form 3,46% of the volatile oil weight, 1 alcohol cyclic
Monoterpine compound forms 1,83% of the volatile oil total
weight, 1 compound from cyclic DeTerpine class and it forms
2.31%, 2 compounds from cyclic MonoTerpine class and they form
3,14%, 2 compounds from Aldyhol group which form 52.03% from
the volatile oil’s weight.
13 compounds from SesquieTerpine class with a 35,14% of the
total weight, 2 Ester compounds and they form 2,12%, and 1 acetic
compound which is Lenolenic acid with a 0,97% form the volatile
oil total weight.
Also volatile oil of the second sample ( extraction by steam
distillation) contain (21) compounds.
5 compounds are from alcohol noncyclic Monoterpine class and
they form 23,34% from the volatile oil weight.
4 compounds are alcohol cyclic Monoterpine and they are 10,13%,
1 cylcic MonoTerpine compound and is 2,17% from the total
weight, 2 compounds from Aldyhol group and they form 25,85%, 8
compounds from SesquieTerpine and they forms 35,31%.
And 1 compound from Keton group which forms 2,9% from the
volatile oil weight.
Key words: Melissa officinalis, volatile oil, extraction, extraction
by steam distilleation.دراسة عقاقيريّة في نبات الملّيسة

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